New Odyssey Superlight For 2012!

The New Odyssey Superlight RIB is the perfect complement of features and comfort in a small tender. The Superlight has more interior space due to a wider bow design and rounded tube end’s. The incredible weight and finishing is accomplished through a proprietary RTM Resin Transfer Molding technique incorporating a high density foam insert to improve stiffness, buoyancy and reduce weight. The innovative floor design has Drain Channels which keep water away from your feet and allow for a lower drain plug location.


Available in German Made Heytex PVC or ORCA CSM.

Model Dimensions
Floor Type Flat with Foam Insert Single Skin Single Skin
Overall Length (cm / feet) 310 cm / 10′ 2? 310 cm / 10′ 2? 270 cm / 8′ 10?
Inside Length (cm / feet) 217 cm/ 7’1? 217 cm/ 7’1? 178 cm/ 5’10?
Beam (cm / feet) 151 /60? 151 /60? 151 /60?
Inside Beam (cm / feet) 68/2’3? 68/2’3? 68/2’3?
Tube Diameter (cm / feet) 42 cm / 16.5? 42 cm / 16.5? 42 cm / 16.5?
Total Weight (kg / lbs) 44 / 88 32 / 70.6 27 / 59.5
Airtight Compartments 2 2 2
Tube Material Heytex PVC or ORCA CSM Heytex PVC or ORCA CSM Heytex PVC or ORCA CSM
Passengers 5 5 4
Maximum Payload (kg / lbs) 617 / 1357 603 / 1327 518 / 1140
Outboard Data
Short Shaft Yes Yes Yes
Recommended Power 10 10 8
Max. Power 15 15 10
Max. Speed (Knots) 23KT 23KT 19KT

All Dimensions & Weights indicated have a tolerance of plus or minus 3% and 5% respectively. Weights as measured for lifting purposes do not include removable seat and oars. Oars weight is 3.3lbs / 1.5kg and seat weight is 5.5lbs/2.5kg respectively.



• Light weight RTM Molded Foam Core Hull Construction

• V-Hull Shape deflects water spray down to keep you dry

• Rear stern hull shape maximizes early planning performance

• More internal space through Wide Bow Design

• Larger diameter tubes

• “Easy Lift” transom lip carrying point and bow lifting handle

• Available in German made Heytex PVC or ORCA CSM

• Light weight rub rail

• Two piece light weight oars

• One-way drain plug

• 3 davit lifting points, 2 towing D-rings

• Foot pump and repair kit included

• Short Shaft recommended




• Drain Channels in floor direct water away so your feet /gear stay dryer

• Fuel Line Channel recessed below floor level to keep it out of the way

Smooth performance gives you everything you need in a small RIB


The Odyssey SUPERLIGHT RIB was designed to give you more.  The Hull has a Medium V design so it cuts through chop easily.  The V tapers to flat in the stern combined with its incredible light weight so it is super fast up on a plane.   The SUPERLIGHT also has a more thicker chine than other RIB’s it size so it is smooth in turns and avoids cavitation.

Smooth Ride.  Early to Plane.   No cavitation in turns.  Everything you need.