For the ultimate in sport boats, our M5-MSX provides everything you need to a full day of cruising, skiing, wakeboarding and tubing. With the MSX graphics, your M5 will be the sharpest sports boat on the water. Just like the M5, it has lots of space for your crew and amenities they will appreciate and enjoy for years to come.

Specification Item
US Unit
Metric Unit
Beam 8′ 6″ 2.5 m Width of hull at widest section including rubrail
Deadrise 20 degrees 20 degrees Angle of keel measured at transom
Draft – Stern Drive Down 41″ 104.1 cm Depth of hull to bottom of stern drive, trimmed down
Draft – Stern Drive Up 21″ 66.0 cm Depth of hull to lowest point, stern drive trimmed up
Dry Weight 5,200 lbs 2,359 kg Mass of boat with engine(s) and batteries, no fuel, water, waste, or gear
Fuel Capacity 80 gal 302.8 ltr Capacity of fuel tank in gallons/liters
LOA W/Swim Platform 25′ 10″ 7.9 m Length Overall, including add-on swim platform, not including bow rail or anchor roller
Max Power 425 hp 316.9 kw Maximum horsepower for safe operation
Waste Capacity 11 gal 41.6 ltr Capacity of waste tank in gallons/liters
Waste Capacity – Manual 12 gal 45.42 ltr
Water Capacity 15 gal 56.8 ltr Capacity of water tank in gallons/liters


MVP Lifetime Warranty


Only Monterey gives you the M.O.S.T. (Monterey Owners Support Team) and stands behind every boat we build with the best warranty in the industry — Monterey’s MVP — the Most Valuable Protection Plan! MVP begins with a Lifetime Limited Warranty on your hull and deck, transferable for up to 10 years. We have the best dealer network out there. Welcome to the family.


Superior Handling and Stability


Thanks to an award-winning hull designed by Monterey engineers, solid performance and excellent stability is a key feature of all our M Series models.




With quick planing times, and the ability to stay on plane at low speeds, the M Series boats are ideal for water sports. The MSX models offer tow mode engines, an exclusive aluminum tower, rear facing seats and large storage compartments perfect for taking it to the next level.