Fun Chaser deck and pontoon boats, the future of family fun


After five years of development, Carolina Skiff is proud to introduce Fun Chaser, a revolutionary line of fiberglass deck and pontoon boats that will forever change the definition of family fun on the water.


As the name implies, Fun Chaser is all about fun and bringing people together on the water in an innovative boat design that combines the wide-open social space of a pontoon and the performance ride of a runabout. The Fun Chaser line is offered in two configurations: the Deck boat series (DS), which features a mono V-style hull and the Pontoon boat series (PS) built on twin hulls. Each series is available in fishing and cruising models in varying lengths from 19 to 25 feet.


A primary characteristic that sets Fun Chaser apart from other boat brands rests in its construction. Our boats are built from all-composite fiberglass, including the Pontoon Series (eliminating aluminum pontoon hulls), and finished with polished high-grade stainless steel trim, making them suitable for both freshwater and saltwater. Constructing pontoon hulls from fiberglass instead of aluminum offers tremendous advantages including supreme corrosion resistance, a much smoother ride and greatly enhanced storage capacity. In addition, the premium components and relentless attention to detail in the finish makes this an entirely new class of boat from Carolina Skiff, currently the number one boat brand in retail sales of outboard-powered fiberglass boats, 24 feet and under.


“Family, fun and fishing all in one – that’s the concept behind Fun Chaser,” said Joe Kirkland, President and CEO of Carolina Skiff.  “Think of these boats as your family’s own recreation or living room on the water. From pleasure cruising and tubing to skiing and fishing, these boats are perfect for virtually any on-the-water activity. By producing the Pontoon Series with all-fiberglass pontoons, we’ve now opened up this category of boats to the saltwater market.