D13 MG

The Volvo Penta Genset systems are the complete solution for a ship’s onboard power requirements. You will not only get reliable marine diesels, well-matched generators and a monitoring system, but also a wide range of products and services to optimize your investment.

The basis for the Volvo Penta Gensets is the smooth running and reliable marine diesel engines. Compact in design, they occupy less space in the engine room, and their good accessibility makes service and maintenance easy.

Auto-start and synchronizing is rapid and reliable, meeting all standards with a comfortable margin. Volvo’s basic engine design in combination with a highly efficient speed control system gives superior load taking capability.

Technical data
Engine D13B-F MG
Production period 2011-
Operation 4-stroke
Cylinder configuration 6
Bore (mm) 131
Stroke (mm) 158
Compression ratio 18.5:1
Displacement (litres) 12.78
Power (hp) 487-544
Max engine speed (rpm) 1500-1800