D16 MH

The D16 in-line 6 diesel is specially designed and developed for installations in heavy duty commercial displacement craft, featuring the latest design in modern diesel technology.

The engine features a robust block with ladder frame, high pressure unit injector system, 4 valves per cylinder, “twin entry” turbo and charge air cooler. The heat exchanger is designed for reduced charge-air-cooling temperature, which in combination with the injection system, and the Engine Management System (EMS-2) further improve performance and drivability, meeting stringent emission requirements. This results in a very smooth running engine with world-class performance, combined with low fuel consumption and low emissions.

Technical data
Engine D16C-C MH
Production period 2009-
Operation 4-stroke
Cylinder configuration 6
Bore (mm) 144
Stroke (mm) 165
Compression ratio 17.5:1
Displacement (litres) 16.12
Power (hp) 501-751
Max engine speed (rpm) 1800-1900