D13 MH

The engine features the latest design of mid position twin entry waste gate turbo with pulse charging. Higher turbo pressure at low rpm will secure excellent acceleration.

The optimize miller inlet valve timing ensures high torque at low rpm and low emissions due to lower pressure and temperature in the cylinders.

With the new injectors with variable needle opening pressure noise is further reduced.

All this technical features results in a very strong and smooth running engine with world-class performance, combined with low emissions and low fuel consumption.

Technical data
Engine D13B-E MH
Production period 2011-
Operation 4-stroke
Cylinder configuration 6
Bore (mm) 131
Stroke (mm) 158
Compression ratio 18.5:1
Displacement (litres) 12.78
Power (hp) 400-600
Max engine speed (rpm) 1800-1900