250 HP

The most experience for the greatest value.

No direct injection engine has more experience, testing, or success under its belt than Mercury OptiMax. It’s not surprising that OptiMax repeatedly leads every direct injection category – including power, fuel efficiency, reliability, and versatility. It all adds up to a complete line of power that delivers more, and delivers it better. OptiMax remains the best value on the water and a top choice of boaters.



Fuel Effeciency

Ultimate Efficiency

The innovative OptiMax DI system delivers the ultimate in efficiency, squeezing more miles and performance from every drop of fuel. The exclusive deflector-shaped pistons and combustion chambers enhance fuel economy and lower emissions by efficiently directing the fuel/air charge to the spark plug. The OptiMax Air Compressor provides a steady charge of cooled air for maximum combustion efficiency.



Superior Durability

OptiMax’s durable gearcase features a heavy-duty prop shaft and Mercury-patented dual water pickups on the front end of the torpedo for a constant flow of cooling water. It is specifically designed to give you impeccable handling and incredible top speeds. Dome-Shaped Piston Heads direct the fuel-and-air charge to the spark plug more efficiently, providing outstanding durability along with excellent running quality.

Long-Lasting Stainless

OptiMax is built with more stainless steel and corrosion-resistant components, which translates to saltwater durability, longer intervals between maintenance, and lower cost of ownership. In addition, our lower-pressure direct-injection system also provides superior component durability and longevity.



Powerful And Smooth

The OptiMax Two-Stage Direct Injection System provides a constant supply of atomized fuel and air while the Vapor Separator Tank (VST) ensures a constant supply of liquid fuel for the injection process. The result is unmatched throttle response, instant starting, and smooth performance.

Light And Fast

The V-6 design is slim and lightweight making it a great choice for almost any type of boat. It consistently outperforms other DI engines in holeshot, mid-range acceleration and top-end speed.

Leading Gearcase Technology

No other marine engine company has more knowledge about hydrodynamics and gearcase design than Mercury. We have the right gearcase configuration and technology to match any boating application. Our designs result in less drag – giving you better handling and performance.

A Prop For Every Purpose

No one offers a wider variety of propellers than Mercury Marine. From our four-blade, stainless steel Trophy Plus to the revolutionary Enertia, Mercury makes a prop that will maximize your boating enjoyment. Visit the Mercury Prop Selector to choose the prop that’s right for you.

HP/Kw @ Prop 250 / 184
Full throttle RPM 5500-6000
Cylinder Configuration V-6 (60 degree vee)
Displacement (CID / CC) 3.0 / 185
Fuel Induction System 2-Stage Direct Fuel Injection (DFI)
Alternator Amp 60 amp / 756 watt (Belt-Driven)
Gearcase Ratio 1.75:1
Steering Big Tiller Compatible
Counter Rotation Available
Recommended Oil Mercury OptiMax / DFI Outboard Oil TC-W3
Recommended Fuel 87 octane compatible (up to 10% ethanol)
Engine Protection Operator Warning System Low oil level
SmartCraft Engine Guardian
Compatible with Smartcraft Digital Technology Yes
Shaft Length XL – 25 in (635 mm)
XXL – 30 in (762 mm)
Dry Weight * Lightest model available 505lbs / 229kg
CARB Star Rating 3

Engine Test

Test Date Title Type Engine HP Range Last Updated
03/2008 200 hp Dual OptiMax – Trophy 2503 CC OptiMax OptiMax 3.0L 02/19/2009
01/2009 200 hp Dual OptiMax – Voyager Extreme 25 SL-DE OptiMax OptiMax 3.0L 02/18/2009
12/2005 200 hp OptiMax OptiMax OptiMax 3.0L 10/19/2007
01/2007 200 hp OptiMax – Bass Cat Pantera II OptiMax OptiMax 3.0L 10/22/2007
03/2007 200 hp OptiMax – Charger 296 Pro Edition OptiMax OptiMax 3.0L 10/23/2007
10/2007 200 hp OptiMax – Nitro 591 OptiMax OptiMax 3.0L 10/23/2007
02/2007 200 hp OptiMax – ProCraft 200 Super Pro SC OptiMax OptiMax 3.0L 10/23/2007
01/2009 200 hp OptiMax – Sun Tracker Party Barge 25 Regency Edition XP3 OptiMax OptiMax 3.0L 02/18/2009
05/2006 225 hp Dual OptiMax – Angler 2700 OptiMax OptiMax 3.0L 11/30/2007
02/2007 225 hp Dual OptiMax – Concept 30 OptiMax OptiMax 3.0L 10/23/2007
04/2008 225 hp Dual OptiMax – Mako 264 Center Console OptiMax OptiMax 3.0L 05/06/2008
05/2008 225 hp OptiMax – Famous Craft 2100 Flats OptiMax OptiMax 3.0L 05/22/2008
03/2008 225 hp OptiMax – Glassmaster 220 CC OptiMax OptiMax 3.0L 05/05/2008
04/2008 225 hp OptiMax – Mako 234 Center Console OptiMax OptiMax 3.0L 05/12/2008
06/2012 225 hp OptiMax – Northwind Marine Argus 26 Fire Rescue – Mirage OptiMax OptiMax 3.0L 07/06/2012
07/2007 225 hp OptiMax – Ranger 2050 Reata OptiMax OptiMax 3.0L 11/30/2007
07/2007 225 hp OptiMax – Sea Boss 235 CC – Mirage OptiMax OptiMax 3.0L 09/13/2010
07/2007 225 hp OptiMax – Sea Boss 235 CC – Vengeance OptiMax OptiMax 3.0L 09/13/2010
05/2007 225 hp OptiMax – Sea Pro 228 DC OptiMax OptiMax 3.0L 02/19/2009
01/2009 225 hp OptiMax – South Bay 925 CR TT Trifecta OptiMax OptiMax 3.0L 02/20/2009
05/2008 225 hp OptiMax – Tracker Tundra 21 WT OptiMax OptiMax 3.0L 05/14/2008
05/2009 225hp OptiMax – South Bay 925CR TT OptiMax OptiMax 3.0L 10/26/2009
04/2008 250 hp Dual OptiMax – Invincible 33 OptiMax OptiMax 3.0L 09/22/2011
01/2008 250 hp OptiMax – Pro-Line 23 Bay XS OptiMax OptiMax 3.0L 02/12/2008
08/2012 250 hp OptiMax – Weeres Legacy Limited – Enertia OptiMax OptiMax 3.0L 10/09/2012