3.0 TKS

One of the most popular sterndrives on the planet, thanks to outstanding reliability and serviceability

  • The ideal propulsion choice for runabouts up to 19 feet, but also versatile enough to be a great fit for pontoons and houseboats
  • Excellent choice for people looking to cruise in comfort, and for active families who need the power to pull kids tubing and skiing
  • Incredible ease of ownership: durable, low-maintenance, widely available parts
  • Backed by MerCruiser’s extensive global network, with dealers thoroughly trained on 3.0L model – meaning expert service is never too far away


MPI = Surefire Reliability

MerCruiser’s 3.0L sterndrives feature a cutting-edge sequential multiport fuel injection (MPI) system, which precisely outlines the exact amount of fuel for all driving conditions. The advantages of MPI technology include easier startup regardless of external temperatures, smooth and stable idling, better throttle response, increased fuel efficiency and, over the long haul, reduced cost of operation.



Proven Features

MerCruiser’s engineers take great care to integrate technology into its engines that can generate proven advantages in test after test. MerCruiser’s 3.0L sterndrives gain from many such innovations, including Mercury’s exclusive Engine Guardian, which senses potential problems and virtually eliminates the chance for engine or drive damage from overheating, low oil pressure or low drive lubricant. Another, Mercury’s SmartCraft system, delivers information regarding critical engine functions, such as fuel usage and RPM, in an easy-to-read display at the helm.



Built for the Long Haul

MerCruiser’s 3.0L sterndrives feature numerous design elements to help put your mind at ease and bolster your engine’s long-term reliability. The 3.0L has been a favorite sterndrive engine choice for years thanks to its low-maintenance upkeep and classic dependability over the long run, no matter how you choose to spend your time on the water.

HP/Kw @ Prop 135 / 99.3
Full throttle RPM 4400-4800
Cylinder Configuration 4 (in-line)
Displacement (CID / L) 181 CID / 3 L
Weight 1040lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) 29in x 26in x 21in
730mm x 660mm x 533mm
Compression Ratio 9:3:1
Bore and Stroke (in / mm) 4.00 x 3.60in
101 x 91mm
Ignition Crank fired high voltage switch with knock control
Alternator Amp 65 amp / 917 watt
Cooling Systems Thermostatically controlled
Accessory Drive Systems Serpentine belt
Water Drain Systems Single point manual drain (Alpha)
Exhaust System Electro-deposition paint coated iron manifold with dry joint elbow
Recommended Oil Mercury MerCruiser Full-Synthetic Engine Oil, 20W-40, NMMA FC-W rated
Recommended Fuel 87% octane / up to 10% ethanol
Engine Guardian System Knock control
Low drive lubricant
Low oil pressure
Low sea water pressure
Low voltage
Fuel Delivery Systems 2V carb with turn-key start and electric fuel pump
Boat Types Fish
Sportboat (sterndrive)

Alpha One Drive

The most popular sterndrive in the world. Single/twin applications up to 65 mph for gas engines up to 300 hp

The Alpha® One drive earned the title of “world’s most popular sterndrive” because it delivers reliable performance in a value package. reliable performance means more family fun year after year without missing a beat. Alpha One drives slice through the water with an efficient hydrodynamic profile producing very little drag. And, because of the Alpha drive’s many maintenance-free features, you’ll enjoy a worry free ownership experience.

Test Date Title Type Engine HP Range Last Updated
09/2010 3.0 MPI ECT (catalyst) – Larson LX710 SternDrives 4-Cylinder 09/30/2010
02/2012 3.0L MerCruiser MPI ECT – Chaparral 18 Sport H2O SternDrives 4-Cylinder 10/31/2012
09/2011 3.0L MPI ECT – Chaparral 18 H2O SternDrives 4-Cylinder 05/07/2012
09/2011 3.0L TKS – Larson LX 1850 Classic – Black Max 15 1/4 x 15 SternDrives 4-Cylinder 10/05/2012
09/2011 3.0L TKS – Larson LX 850 Classic – Black Max SternDrives 4-Cylinder 08/09/2012
11/2011 MerCruiser 3.0L MPI ECT – Stingray 195RX SternDrives 4-Cylinder 10/31/2012